Follow this guide to find the princess box

Follow this guide to find the princess box, Ifeplay

Genshin Impact happens in the dreamland of Teyvat, which is home to seven particular countries, every one of which is attached to a component and administered by a divine being related with it. The story follows a twin, alluded to as the Traveler, who has traversed numerous universes with their twin yet has gotten isolated from them by an obscure god in Teyvat. The Traveler traversed Teyvat looking for the lost kin with their friend Paimon and gets engaged with the issues of different countries, divine beings, and the world.

Genshin Impact Princess Box Location

Follow these means to find the Princess Box in Genshin Impact:

The absolute first thing that you need to do is to head out to Snow Covered Path.

Presently after you transport yourself to this area, you will have the option to see that this Princess Box is on a little island for which you should coast capacity.

Just after you arrive at this little secluded island, you will go over a spot where there is a blade emerging from the day off.

At the point when you connect with this blade, you will enter a test and you should vanquish a sum of three rivals inside a term of 60 seconds.

Destruction all the adversaries and you will get a chest that contains the Princess Box.

Presently you can utilize this Princess Box to get entrance into the Secret Room.

Genshin Impact Tier List

  • S Tier
    • Diluc 
    • Venti
    • Qiqi 
    • Fischl
    • Klee 
    • Tartaglia
  • A Tier
    • Albedo
    • Keqing
    • Mona
    • Diona
    • Jean
    • Bennett 
    • The Traveler
    • Barbara
  • B Tier
    • Xiangling
    • Beidou
    • Chongyun
    • Kaeya
    • Lisa
    • Ningguang
    • Sucrose
    • Xingqiu
  • C Tier
    • Xinyan
    • Noelle
    • Amber
    • Zhongli

Genshin Impact Update

Rehash a Domain without leaving and reappear: In Version 1.2, Travelers will have the option to decide to rehash a Domain challenge from inside the Domain. No additionally leaving and returning.

Passing up Domain and Ley Line bloom drops: The designers have improved the Domain and Ley Line Outcrop rewards framework. From Version 1.2, you won’t need to gather the drops yourself since they’ll be added directly to your Inventory.

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Exchange auto-play choice: An auto-play choice for discourse will be included Version 1.2.

At the point when the Auto choice is chosen, a discourse will naturally advance to the following line once the current line’s sound completes the process of playing. At the point when exchange choices show up, it will respite to permit Travelers to react, at that point proceed to auto-play as in the past.

View exchange for journeys I have just finished: Version 1.2 adds the Travel Log segment to the Archive. All discourse (text and sound) from recently finished Archon Quests and Story Quests will show up here.

Along these lines, Travelers can re-read and playback the exchange from finished missions.

Progress hindered when a player stops the game: Travelers are allowed to leave Co-Op Domains whenever without intruding on the fight for different Travelers.

Additionally, during Co-Op meetings, the host will have the option to disband the Co-Op Team just by getting back to Single Player Mode.

After the group is disbanded, Travelers’ own game advancement will be reestablished.

New rewards: Travelers will be compensated with 1 Acquaint Fate each time they climb a character at level 20, 50, or 70.

What’s more, for any past characters that Travelers have rose, you can guarantee the Acquaint Fate awards from the Ascension Materials Preview screen

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