Read 13 tips of iPhone and iPad that help you get every last drop of iOS 14 goodness

Read 13 tips of iPhone and iPad that help you get every last drop of iOS 14 goodness, Ifeplay
  1. inspect the new homescreen features
    The iPhone gained an app drawer-like feature called App Library, which acts as a warehouse to store all of the apps you do not regularly use. Another first for the iPhone is that the ability to put widgets on the homescreen.
  2. Create a custom Smart Stack widget.. you’ll create your own stack of widgets using an equivalent technique you’d use to make an app folder. Seriously, it takes longer to make a decision which widgets you’ll include than it does to make it.
  3. Make your own app icons
    Apple also added new features to its Shortcuts app, with the foremost popular addition being the power to make your own app icons and fully customize the design of your phone.
  4. Use apps without installing them, because of App Clips
    Think of App Clips as miniature apps that only show you some of what the complete app can do. for instance , a Yelp App Clip could show you business hours and therefore the menu for a selected restaurant and zip more. Want to undertake one? look for Panera Bread, tap on a location then select Order Food.
  5. Picture-in-Picture involves the iPhone
    You’re not forced to make a decision whether you would like to observe a Twitch stream or browse Reddit on your iPhone. With iOS 14, you’ll do both at an equivalent time now that Apple has added picture-in-picture mode to the iPhone. The iPad has had this feature for a few of years now, so it’s nice to ascertain the iPhone catch on also. you’ll view an inventory of all the apps installed on your phone that support it by getting to Settings > General.
  6. Deleting apps are often confusing now
    With the addition of the App Library, there’s now an additional step when it involves deleting an app from your phone and for long-time iPhone users, it isn’t in the least straightforward. But it doesn’t need to be too confusing, we walk you thru the new steps.
  7. Ditch Apple Mail and Safari
    Apple added the power to delete its own apps from your iPhone a couple of years ago, but you continue to couldn’t set apps like Gmail or Outlook as your default email app. Now you’ll , but Apple has limited this new feature to only the e-mail and web browsers. It only takes a couple of taps to form the change, after which you will not need to affect Apple’s apps ever again.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

  1. AirPods Pro get a replacement audio feature
    The iPhone and iPad aren’t the sole devices that received an enormous update. Apple’s AirPods Pro also got alittle firmware update that added a replacement feature called Spatial Audio. You’ll, of course, got to use an iPhone or iPad running iOS 14 so as to use the feature. With both devices updated, whenever you’re watching a video the sound will follow the movements of your head, adjusting with each twist and switch . CNET’s David Carnoy described it as an “out-of-bud experience.” And he is not wrong.
  2. The iPad looks more sort of a Mac than ever
    iPadOS 14 includes several new features and enhancements that bring its interface closer to looking and dealing sort of a Mac. Or is it the Mac that’s beginning to appear as if an iPad with MacOS Big Sur? Either way, you’ll be wanting to find out all you’ll about the new iPad features in iPadOS 14.
    Jason Cipriani/CNET
  3. Hidden features are the simplest features
    Not to be overlooked , there are several hidden features in iOS 14 that do some truly amazing things. as an example , a replacement back tap feature allows you to tap on the rear of your phone two or 3 times , triggering a task like taking a screenshot or launching an app. We’ve found a complete of nine hidden features worth sharing with you thus far and decide to keep adding to the list.
  4. New privacy features
    Keeping your information private is one among Apple’s main marketing points, and iOS 14 goes even further to assist keep your information private.There’s also a replacement notification dot which will tell you when an app is using your phone’s camera or mic, and finer controls.
  5. Up your selfie game
    The Camera app features a new setting for the front-facing camera that’s bound to help your selfies shine. The new mirror mode forces the camera to act more sort of a , well, mirror, which may make it easier to form sure your shot is framed and lined up the way you would like . We show you where to seek out the new setting.
  6. Still want more? we’ve compiled a couple of more tips to try to to even more, like tag someone during a group conversation within the Messages app and use Apple’s new Translate app to hold a conversation in two completely different languages. We walk you thru those two tips, plus a couple of more of our favourite features.
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